Status Assault Missionen:

Region Mission Status
Leujaoam Sanctum (Azouph Isle S.P.)NPC: Yahsra T1: Leujaoam Cleansing cleared
T2: Orichalcum Survey cleared
T3: Escort Professor Clavauert cleared
T4: Shanarha Grass Conservation cleared
T5: Counting Sheep cleared
T6: Supplies Recovery cleared
T7: Azure Experiments cleared
T8: Imperial Code cleared
T9: Red versus Blue cleared
T10: Bloody Rondo cleared
Mamool Ja Training Grounds (Mamool Ja S.P.)NPC: Isdebaaq T1: Imperial Agent Rescue cleared
T2: Preemptive Strike cleared
T3: Sagelord Elimination cleared
T4: Breaking Morale cleared
T5: The Double Agent cleared
T6: Imperial Treasure Retrieval cleared
T7: Blitzkrieg cleared
T8: Marids in the Mist cleared
T9: Azure Ailments cleared
T10: The Susanoo Shuffle cleared
Lebros Cavern (Halvung S.P.)NPC: Famad T1: Excavation Duty cleared
T2: Lebros Supplies cleared
T3: Troll Fugitives cleared
T4: Evade and Escape cleared
T5: Siegemaster Assassination cleared
T6: Apkallu Breeding cleared
T7: Wamoura Farm Raid cleared
T8: Egg Conservation cleared
T9: Operation „Black Pearl“ cleared
T10: Better than One cleared
Periqia (Dvucca Isle S.P.)NPC: Lageegee T1: Seagull Grounded cleared
T2: Requiem cleared
T3: Saving Private Ryaaf cleared
T4: Shooting Down the Baron cleared
T5: Building Bridges cleared
T6: Stop the Bloodshed cleared
T7: Defuse the Threat cleared
T8: Operation „Snake Eyes“ cleared
T9: Wake the Puppet cleared
T10: The Price is Right cleared
Ilrusi Atoll(Ilrusi Atoll S.P.)NPC: Bhoy Yhupplo T1: Golden Salvage cleared
T2: Lamia No. 13 cleared
T3: Extermination cleared
T4: Demolition Duty cleared
T5: Searat Salvation cleared
T6: Apkallu Seizure cleared
T7: Lost and Found cleared
T8: Deserter cleared
T9: Desperately Seeking Chephalopods cleared
T10: Bellerophon’s Bliss cleared
Nyzhul Isle (Token: ~ 25k) Untersuchung der Nyzhul Insel Floor 20

Söldnerrank: Oberleutnant

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